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January 13, 2019


Woman’s bizarre illness means she can’t hear men’s voices

(Thanks to pharmaross and John Lobert, who says "My wife says I have the men’s version of this.)


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I made the mistake os saying our first two kids slept through the night after a couple of weeks. It turns out that I just slept through events

I am convinced that a key to a happy marriage is selective deafness

There's been a few times I wish my wife had this malady.

I have always thought of selective hearing in both sexes as more of a trait than a "Bizarre illness."

Let me guess... Her favorite group is the Bee Gees.

So does this mean that phone company who coined the catch-phrase "can you hear me now?" is gonna have to rework the campaign, with one set of ads for women, and one set for men?

Whad'ya say?

Clankie... it could also be Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons.

>>>"My wife says I have the men’s version of this"<<<

How do you KNOW you wife said that?

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