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January 16, 2019


First "Facial Workout" Studio Opens in L.A.


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Unclear on the concept, but I may have detected an insinuation. I didn't know Kia made a Gerber.

My mama always said if I kept making faces, it'd freeze like that.

Come to think of it, that probably explains a lot now ...

"It's about being as natural as possible..."

Uh, okay...

I've never understood why some people insist on eating all natural food all the time but have no problem with Botox injections. Is Botox gluten free?

So with a name like Gerber, it has to be baby food 'masks'`, right?

Skin camp?

Sounds like acupuncture with tent stakes. No, thanks.

Hey, if it's good enough for Kaia whosis...whatever (as George Costanza would say).

I scored a perfect 10! I've never heard of any of their famous clients.

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