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January 21, 2019


Study finds stool transplants from some donors are far more effective than others

(Thanks to Michael Moyer)


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And they can donate twice a day.

I saw a sci-fi movie called "Starship Poopers". I'm not sh..ing you

If the donor happened to be a cop would s/he be a Super Pooper Trooper?

The mind boggles.

I can see a market for T-shirts with the picture of a toilet on it proclaiming in large letters; "I'm A Fecal Donor."

That alone should get you a seat at the lunch counter.

I wish those crazy Brits would stop misspelling " fecal ".

Wasn't that an ABBA song?

Le Pet: It would work so well, you'd likely be dining alone.

I was thinking a more "in your face" T-shirt, like one with big letters asking "You want some of my shyt?" and in smaller letters I'm a recognized pooper dooper donor!"

First time I've heard that somebody giving me crap can be beneficial to me...usually it just ticks me off.

P.S. Is there a spot on my driver's license for this type of donation? Do I just check #2?

How about a t-shirt : "My #2 is #1 !"

Darn it, I can't make any Uranus jokes about this!

@ Burt Macklin--Maybe you could start with a Klingon War Bird in orbit around Uranus? ...Just trying to be helpful.

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