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January 13, 2019


Woman banned from Walmart after riding cart while drinking wine from Pringles can, police say

(Thanks to wanderer2575, Peter Metrinko, John Lobert, DaninDallas, Dave Kearns and pharmaross)


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I know nursecindy has been campaigning for this for years.

I mean the scooter people, not the spammer.

Perhaps she was just killing time until Chuck E. Cheese opened.

From @@TheDweck on Twitter: "Why did Walmart arrest their own mascot?"

One way to get an employee to show up and help you.

When riding a unicycle while juggling and reciting the alphabet backward isn't impressive enough.

What do you mean “spammer.” I thought he made a good a good point - wine and Pringle’s are important for good mental health.

Or perhaps I misunderstood.

"People’s psychological peculiarities, behavior, and reactions to various factors and circumstances are under discussion and are carefully examined."

That's the whole purpose of this blog, right?

The lady in the cart made a huge mistake in etiquette. In Walmart customers always drink wine from a red Solo cup, never a --gasp--Pringles can!

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"Drinkin' wine spo-dee-o-dee, drinkin' wine,

wine spo-dee-o-dee, drinkin' wine,

wine spo-dee-o-dee, drinkin' wine, pass that chips can to me..."

I lurned 3 things from this article:

1. I never knew Pringles made canned wine;
2. You don't need a license for a riding cart;
3. Riding around the parking lot from 6:30 am till 9 am can get you banned at Walmart.

I hope she was playing "No Particular Place To Go" (by Chuck Barry) over and over on her cell phone, as it fits.

I have no problem with someone riding a scooter if they need it. I have a big problem with people riding scooters in Walmart because they're lazy especially when they have a yapping Chihuahua in the basket of the scooter. This happens a lot in my local Walmart. I don't go to Walmart anymore.

nursecindy, I'll bet if you showed up in spike heels and with a whip, it'd shut that yappy little dog right up.

Cue the theme music.

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