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January 15, 2019


Ph.D. Student’s Thesis Presents “Scientific Evidence” The Earth Is Flat

(Thanks to Laurie Ann-Farr Cavanaugh Bobskill)


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I really hope this person is joking. I've flown halfway around the world three times and, if you look out the window, you can clearly see the earth is round. Are people like this just trying to p!ss people off now?

NC, they aren't joking. I have met a few people who think the earth is flat. I usually ask them if they believe in their GPS, then point out it wouldn't work if the earth were flat.

She also has it on good authority that Santa Claus is real.

Seems like she plagurized Terry Pritchards' Discworld series.

Check out the movies.

I agree with funny man-

If she really wants to prove the earth is flat, she's going to have to produce proof of four elephants holding the flat earth on their backs and one humongous flying turtle the elephants are standing on.

I, for one, would support giving her an honorary degree, with distinction, simply for the notoriety of her thesis.

At five pages in a journal, it runs a little lean. It is on Wayback Archive

I could easily produce a thesis concerning some people I know who believe that the world revolves around them, and it would run to several volumes!

I dated a woman in college with a flat chest and a weird term paper. Come to think of it, she had some of that Unicorn armpit hair too.

If the Earth is round, why are pizzas flat?

They even have a Flat Earth Cruise now!

Captain, how long before we sail off the edge of the planet?

(hanks to Dave's timely posting, I don't have to send that story to him)

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