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January 23, 2019


Fliers on a recent Russian flight were subjected to a particularly horrifying experience after a 'drunk' man urinated in the middle of the plane aisle.

We're not sure why 'drunk' is in quotes.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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"Sir, the captain has turned on the No Urinating in he Aisle sign."

This must be the free live-streaming in-flight entertainment advertised by Aeroflot...

I saw Toilet Misdemeanors open for Culture Club once. Not worth the ticket price.

Did Donald Trump punctuate that sentence? Just asking.

"Drunk" meaning he wasn't really. By Russian standards he was only drunk-ish.

Airline attendant--"Surly sir you know not to urinate in the aisle."
Drunk passenger---"Hey, when you gotta go, you go. And don't call me Shirley."

Who said it was Donald?

Yep, yep! Flying's the way to go, okay!

Your experience on Aerofart would be even worse.

"Please set your mobile devices and bladders on Airplane Mode."

Snork @ Clankie

Coffee, tea, or pee?

A Russian man, drunk? I am SHOCKED I tell you, simply SHOCKED.

Usually preceded by emptying a bottle of red wine in Europe we call it "the Depardieu". If not already Russian you get awarded a Russian citizenship if you can prove the act.

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