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January 22, 2019


Pennsylvania Woman Tried To Kidnap Kangaroo From Petting Zoo, Take It To Florida, Police Say

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Of course she did. Where else would she take it?

Didn't Orlando publish brochures inviting you to bring your Kangaroo to Florida? And didn't the Florida Tourism Council, that same year, urge people to move their families and marsupial pets to Florida?

Or it could just be the weird ray/vibe has been ratched up so Florida will always be king and queen of the weirdness.

Maybe she's from Florida so she figured it would be safer if the kangaroo drove.

Note to Pennsylvania petting zoo:

"Tie yer kangaroo down, sports
Tie yer kangaroo down
Tie yer kangaroo down, sports
And mates, mind the platypus ducks, too."

Obviously, this was to combat the Giant African Land Snails!

They'll probably run her through some sort of kangaroo court.

groan Burt

I can’t think of anything Florida needs more than kangaroos.

This nutty woman is lucky that this kangaroo didn't kick and punch the snot out of her.

She should have driven to California with the kangaroo so she could get her kicks on Route 66.

We all know she’s going to roo the day she decided this was a good idea.

A 5* GROAN @ pharmacross.


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