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January 15, 2019


Panties, bras fly from car window during dangerous high-speed chase from Portage to Chesterton, police say

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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"There are more unknowns than knowns in something like that," he said.

Submitted for your approval: Nutty biat*h in her own unique Twilight Zone.--Rod Serling

Suppose drugs--naw couldn't be---but it is likely==drugs were involved?

She said she "didn't have anything on her."

Was she also charged with indecent exposure?

They also found at the jail that Sansone was wearing two pairs of panties with the price tags still attached.

Minnie Pearl tried this first, but decided it worked better with a hat.

(*shuffles to geezer bus*)

Isn't that what drag strips are all about ?

I don't want to know where she was hiding the candles, as I'm still skeeved out about Ms. Whore and her Rolex stash.

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