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January 29, 2019


Bride makes bridesmaids take lie detector test after shocking wedding details are leaked

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Wow...her "special day" should instead be the one on which she is admitted for inpatient psych services.

Are witches allowed to have weddings like this?

Stephanie most definitely is the winner here.

Conversely, the groomsmen received a note from the groom with but one request: that they please get HD video of the hooker at the bachelor party.

This twit is getting married and I can't even get a date. *sigh*

I would give this bride a thick book on etiquette, but she may not be literate.

If someone "demanded" that I take a polygraph I would demand they piss up a rope first.

The groom is suspiciously silent on the whole crisis. Perhaps he has to take a bride-detector test as well. One bets he is looking forward to a life of programmed bliss.

ALMOST makes you prefer the old school method that was clean and simple..getting married under the watchful shotgun.

(I said almost.)

I find myself hoping that after this elaborate dance performance, the rest of the guests just say "meh" and turn back to their conversations.

If the groom has more than two functioning brain cells, he'll run far, far away from this nut. I also think Stephanie is the winner in this one.

Typical of the “me” and “selfie” generation; totally self-centered.

After working in mental hospitals years ago I have to question if there actually is a groom. People who think like this 'bride' can be capable of some really oddball fantasies. Maybe she is a budding unpublished romance writer?

She expects them to spend $1,000 EACH on their outfits? Why?

Does that include the $500 & up Louboutins?

This is just about as real as a Buzzfeed story.

Stephanie certainly is the overwhelming winner here. I'm sure it's far worse to be one of life's bridezillas and not even know it.

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