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January 19, 2019


Canada wants to reclaim moose statue record from Norway

(Thanks to Ralph)


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As the world trembles on the brink . .

Looks like a chocolate moose to me...so, all they need to do to increase the size is to fold in more whipped cream.

"Bullwinkle, what have they done to you? Oh, the humanity!"

I wonder if Italy will get involved. After al their leader was named Moose-olini.

A moose statue once bit my sister.

Also, France is on high alert.

Moose Jaw would be an unlikely yet unique name for a rapper.

And the UN does nothing!

"Nice rack!"

"Yeah — my townspeople just had it enlarged..."

Apologize and ship it to Great Britain

Moose...Smoose...I saw and photographed a 6 foot tall SURFER STATUE at an inland lake...and the MOOSE completely ignored it. (and most people as well!) I thought it was outstandingly weird myself. How does a SURFER do his thing on water as still and slick ...as GLASS?

Put a giant case of Moosehead Beer on his rack. Problem solved.

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