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January 11, 2019


A Nashville inmate claimed he "didn't have anything on him" as a bag of pink Fentanyl was hanging from his buttocks.

(Thanks to Woozy Barnes)


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Well, technically, it wasn't *on* him. In that case, sir...

wanderer is way ahead of me today.

I saw Buttock Fentanyl open up for Insane Clown Posse.

The far-reaching search for the unclaimed 1.5 billion dollar Mega Millions ticket goes on.

"OMG! another Fashionista!"

--what the officers did NOT say..

A 'how did this happen?' question:

Johnson had a bag of Fentanyl sticking out of his butt cheeks. Then the report reads. "At one point an officer went to reach for one of the baggies and Johnson is accused of stepping on that officers hand."

It was pink for the gender release party.

It’s a holiday ornament.

It was disguised as a dingleberry.

And in the end...
The drugs you hide
Are equal to the drugs...
You get....

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