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January 22, 2019


A funeral for dead robot dogs

(Thanks to funny man)


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As a former member of a Japanese temple, I can attest that the priests expect a large financial "gift" for any funeral services provided, so this is a money maker for temples.

And if your robot dog gets buried, like people, there are annual "maintenance fees" for the grave site expected.

In other words, perhaps, penance for the rich?

Why don't they just change the batteries?

Maybe there's a sucker born every nano-second.

I still use my Sony Clie. It is a pre-smartphone incremental step between the Palm Pilot and smart phone. I dread the day it stops working. Incidentally, Sony stopped selling the Clie series in the US because “Americans are too stupid to use them”. The quote was from a translated Sony press release in Japan.

Most of the dead robot dogs were named "Sparky."

May they rust in peace.

Le Pet -- was the name Sparkie before or after wiring wore down?

"Dead Robot Pets" WWBAGNFARB.

Dead Robot Dogs should do a cover of Mr. Roboto.

It would prove to be very popular out there in the styx.

Sorry, I'm "unbreaking" the blog.

Now playing: Unbreaking Bad?

I'm thinking this would have made a great title for a poem by Robert Frost...but also that Robert himself would not have thought so.

I foresee mass funerals (and funeral Masses) along with electronic cemeteries looming on the horizon for "Alexa" and her relatives as they succumb to old age and degenerating components... rest in pieces.

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