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January 21, 2019


Passenger Who Jumped 11 Stories Off Cruise Ship Hopes He Doesn’t Inspire Others

(Thanks to Doug in Sacramento)


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Do as I say, not as I do. Yep, he's got proud parenting skills.

Another "Hold my beer and watch this" story.

Hey, it was a Double Dog Dare. What could he do?

This could be another example for legalizing marijuana. If he'd been stoned instead of drunk, he would only be concerned with munching.

The closest I've ever come to doing something like this was when some friends took me out, made me drink a pitcher of beer, and then helped me home and put me to bed in my water bed. Don't ever do that either.

Not inspire others...? Too late. Idiots of the world have already been inspired.

He may have thought he was on the Titanic, and it was sinking. Or he may have thought it was a CENSORED cruise and the noro virus was everywhere.

This horse's heinie could parlay this into minor celebrity and open a bar a la Steve Brodie:


@nursecindy---Yeah, it's a bummer when after a night of drinking you wake up at home in your waterbed. Then it slowly dawns on you that you don't own a waterbed.

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