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January 15, 2019


The true story of the Thai cave rescues.


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Oh wow .. that story of the trapped boys soccer team just gripped me and I remember being so elated when the first boy was brought out alive. The mood in my office was brightened the next Monday - it did not seem so 'Monday-ish' because it looked like the boys were going to be brought out alive.

I can't even begin to put myself in the parents' place, but I would think that however those expert divers (remember that one of them died) thought they had the best chance of success, let them do it.

I saw a program about this and it was fascinating. Ketomine is safe if administered by a medical professional and the zip ties were to protect both the boy and diver in case they woke up and panicked. I still can't believe all of the boys made it out alive and I hate that one of the divers died. In my opinion the rescuers were true heroes.

Yes, we just had the 10th Year Anniversary of the Miracle on the Hudson today and the fact that all these boys made it out alive and well is another miracle.

Speaking of Sully and landing the plane on the river, the whole thing from takeoff at LaGuardia to splashdown was only FIVE MINUTES and nine seconds. It was a frigid 20 degrees and the water temperature was 35. No one was even hurt.

Not to make light of the story, but it is worth mentioning one name of interest noted in the story. Lillian Suwanrumpha.

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