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January 14, 2019


Houston police chief writes 140 mph speeding ticket to driver of Dodge Viper

(Thanks to pharmaross and Rod Nunley)


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Acevedo wrote the driver a $304 ticket for the traffic violation.

And for an extra $50, he'll get a framed copy of the ticket suitable for hanging in his den or garage.

He's a fast writer.

I thought Wyatt killed all those Dodge vipers.

His bumper sticker read: "My other car is an F-18."

"Uh officer, would you believe my name is actually Marty MC Fly and I'm from 1984?"

Now that the the statue of limitations has expired: I once discovered that my old car's cruise control wouldn't engage at any speed beyond 132 miles per hour.

For those who have never driven the I-15 to Las Vegas - It is 2 1/2 hours of wide open desert. Ever had a Greyhound bus pass you at 95 mph? It's rather impressive. Think "America's version of the Autobahn".

The Highway Patrol reports that 100% of the people driving to Vegas exceed the posted 75 mph speed limit. I think that number is a bit conservative.

When you are 60 miles south of the town of Baker, and your 'navigator' tells you "We will be there in about 20 minutes', it tends to change your way of thinking about distances.

Elon scoffs. His car is doing about 40K MPH about now.

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