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January 24, 2019


Woman bitten on bum by snake while part-way through using toilet

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Have a seat?

After reading this blog for so long, I would NEVER use the toilet at night in Australia without having a light on.

I wonder what Steve Irwin would've done in this situation ? "CRIKEY, a BEAUTIFUL python is hanging off me b#%....."

Suzie, after reading this blog for so long I would NEVER even think of going to Australia.

Dave should interview a snake catcher, that decidedly Australian profession. It would be one for the ages.

"Mid-stream" would have been more accurate.


They say 'call the snake catcher'. I don't need to. I have my own. It's double barreled...

If a snake had bitten me on the bum while I was on the toilet, I wouldn't have to ask what kind of snake it was; It would be an Australian Brown snake.

I think the snake was right in this case. It was using the toilet first, enjoying a nice, cold swim, when somebody gets in and starts sh..ing on him. I would be upset too and probably would bite somebody.

I saw Carpet Python open for the Meat Puppets...

I am not going anywhere that has "snake catcher" as a legitimate profession.

You know it was Australia by her casual reaction.

Snork @Curly Dave!

Giving context to the words "I come from a land down under."

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