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January 24, 2019


Woman arrested for dancing naked in Waffle House parking lot

Woman shares photos of her naked hikes to make exes 'jealous' (NSFW)

(Thanks to pharmaross)

National nudist group selects Idaho site for annual convention

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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My EX never tried making me jealous in this fashion.
My Ex never tried making me jealous.

Are there any Waffle Houses in Idaho ?

Key name (first story): Freedom Ryder Zobrist.

I'm a bit jealous too.

Why do they make Waffle House parking lots if they don’t want people to use them?

"I'm sorry, ma'am... This isn't Hooters, we aren't hiring, and those are not doing well in the fight against gravity."

Until now I was unclear on the concept of leafless hiking news.

The nude hiker's name is Megan, but her "tramp stamp" appears to say something else.

Answering your implied challenge pogo, and for the sake of science, I believe it says "Namaste". Namaste is a traditional Hindu greeting which is not normally delivered by a tramp stamp.

Moving the nudest convention to Northern Idaho will make billions of mosquitoes, gnats, black flies and other assorted flying or crawling nippers extremely happy.

@LePet - but they can play "Poop the Potato", official state game of Idaho.

My wife and I were camping in Idaho on June 26th one year.

It snowed...

1) Well, of course there's a dancing naked lady at Waffle House; she is the entertainment that they provide in between brawls.

2) Hiker Lady: "I tried for ages to build up some sort of a following on Instagram with wildlife and landscape pictures, then as soon as I start posting pictures of my butt it just takes off."

What, her BUTT took off? Doesn't look as if it did!

3) I propose the next nudist convention be held in Washington, D.C., the home of d!cks and boobs...

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