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January 23, 2019


Dad doesn't want a Barcalounger. Dad wants this.

(Thanks to Michael Moyer)


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"... Not for flight use."

Sorry. That's the deal-breaker for me.

*NOTE: This artifact is sold as is with no guarantee that parts maintain original function.

There's the ultimate disclaimer.

Send this to Washington. In fact, send 535 or so.

All warnings and disclaimers aside, I still think it would be a perfect gift for the Mother-in-Law.

Part of me wants one for the basement office. Getting it down would be less of an adventure than getting it back up some day


Does it come in any other colors? That won't match my decor.

Are the rockets still installed? Please tell me Yes.

Comment from 'Bill'
Honestly thought it would be a useless nick-nack seat at first. While I sat down, the ol' ball and chain came home and barked at me, asking "honey, where did our $12,500 go!?" Luckily, I was able to pull on the handle and eject through the ceiling and roof! Fortunately, medical insurance was enough to replace the ejection seat.

I'm putting it in my Aston-Martin!

Does it have a cup holder?

Does it come with the rest of the jet???

If this were the same seat that Tom Cruise sat in while filming "Top Gun", I call it an objection seat, instead.

Mrs. PirateBoy just said something about "premature ejections". I have no idea what that means.

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