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January 14, 2019


Unicorn armpit hair is now a thing

(Thanks to John Lobert and pharmaross)


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Oh, for the days when a kid's self esteem and emotional health could be satisfied just by slapping a "student of the month" bumper sticker on your car.

It's so pathetic that I can't make jokes. They all want to act rebelliously original -- by acting exactly like their peers.

Based on the headline, I was expecting some sort of punkish, pointed cone of hair that could be used as a weapon, or possibly rip a hole in one's shirt. I'm disappointed. And relieved.

Note to self: Stop reading this blog while eating lunch.

Mylie Cyrus a fashion maven? What have you been smoking?

Dittos to Wanderer...yep, it's really sad. Kids today are all about "experimentation" and "the weirder, the better" in the quixotic quest to find one's "true self," only to miss it by a country mile. Just being an ordinary human is no longer enough.

I thought unicorns had legs, not arms, but mammalogy has changed since my classes 50 years ago,

No and please shoot me first.

This story is the pits.

@funny man-I hear that smoking unicorn armpit hair can cause Mylie Cyrus hallucinations.

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