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January 17, 2019


75-year-old Florida man accused of selling pounds of marijuana every day

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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I'm looking forward to Le Petomane's tale of how this works at Geezer Acres.

Interesting. A pound and a half of mary jane is a "large amount"?

The guy looks creepy--if he's your dealer you must be desperate.

I always thought of a lot as several brinks or even thousands of pounds.

bricks...but a brinks truck full qualifies also....

Hey, cut the dude a break. He's saving up for some teeth.

Wow, this guy is good. If the cops raided Geezer Acres they couldn't come up with $25,000 if they tossed every trailer in the park.

@Le Petomane - "Tossing Trailers" - is that what they are calling it these days?

@ funny man:

I probably had a pound of shake in my college apartment carpet.

A pound of weed is nothing. This just made for a click worthy news story.

Poor old man doesn't even qualify for a "Florida man" tag....

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