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January 14, 2019


8:01 a.m. Two hunters apparently shot the side of a house multiple times. The hunters said they were on public land and didn’t know there was a house there. The homeowner said it’s his land and, either way, he didn’t want them shooting at his house anymore.

Guess the county.

(Thanks to funny man and Bob Brogan)


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Well, they can shoot my house, but it'll take forever to clean it....

"it was asking for it."

Maybe they were doing the Blindfold challenge.

"Much to the dismay of neighbors" is the Flathead County motto.

A Kalispell man said that someone knocked on his door and asked who his internet provider was. The man thought that was pretty suspicious.
I dunno. I'm siding with Kalispell man on this one.

4:16 p.m. A Kalispell teenager was “out of control.”

But they repeat themselves.

10:22 p.m. A bicycle was found in Kalispell.

I certainly hope it was confiscated, and the rider given a severe tongue-lashing. Real men don’t ride bicycles in Flathead County.

3:12 P.M. A dogfight was reported in Columbia Falls.

The excitement never ends in Flathead County.

Pretty much everything in Flathead County winds up having at least one bullet or shotgun pellet in it sooner or later.

A kiss on the cheek may be quite continental,
but a cell-phone is a redneck's best friend.

Even if it was public land, the hunters basically admitted that they were criminally negligent in firing without knowing what was in front of them. Lucky it was "just" a house and not a family having a picnic.

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