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January 19, 2019


In preparation for the Rock Bottom Remainders' forthcoming "gig" (musician lingo) in Minneapolis, some band members gathered in Stephen King's garage (really) to practice "chords," which are these things that sometimes unexpectedly pop up in songs. From left are Ridley Pearson, Greg Iles, Steve and yours truly. And yes, Stephen King really does have boxes coming out of his head. That's where he gets his ideas. 

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Wild Things!

Hard-listening music at it's best!

What are the strings for?

Is this the statue the canadians want back?

Paging Mel Bay.


I like Dave's image and chord progressions for that matter much better since He dropped 'Cougar' from his name.

Because lonely people need to ear!

Best. Band. Ever.

Aren't you going to introduce the guitars?

Is this the farewell final One-night tour that prophesy foretold?

In any case, good luck and many groupies!

First Avenue will be the same. What...? Oh... never mind.

Groupies crush it to flush it!!

^5 to Manual T for rememebering Mel Bay. I had that book, and remember most of it.

Things for strings for brings for sings! That’s as musical as I git!!

With all your ages combined, each of you are still younger than "Keif" Richards.


That looks like a happy group.

Only two of the 4 have tuners clipped to the head stock.

That might explain the ... errr ... polyphonic nature of the sound.

You guys have never sounded better as in that photo.

More cowbell

Where's Amy Tan? You guys look great. You should put out a poster of that picture.

No brown M&Ms for these dudes, OK, Red Roof Inn staff?

@Pogo - Warning story follows. I had several Mel Bay instructional books. My Dad played a little guitar and my Mom had bought a brand new 1937 Martin. I still have that guitar. So, when I was 9 years old I asked my Dad if He would write down some chords I could learn, I wanted to play the guitar. He worked nights so I did not see him every day. Next day He left a pad of paper on the kitchen table with the chord of C diagramed. I played the C chord for probably ten days to two weeks until I saw my dad again. I said Dad, "can you write down some more chords, I know how to play C now?" He picked up the pad of paper He had left for me and turned the top page with the C diagram and there to my astonishment was the D chord diagramed on the next page. He flipped that page and there was the G chord diagram. I think I read somewhere Santana learned to play under the same circumstances, but He was ten when He started and I was always way ahead of him.

Glad to see some young blood being added. (Iles is under 60).

Any friend of Stephen king has piss poor judgement.

Polite suggestion Mr. King? That Strat would sound much louder if someone plugged it into an amp.

Guitar name suggestions, Dan, Stan, Ran, Fan.. that’s as polite as I git!!

I love Stephen King's alien probe protection hat. Many people here in Roswell, New Mexico would like to know more about it and where to buy one.
The regular tinfoil hats many people here rely on are supposedly only about 20% effective nowadays.

Minneapolis will take a long time to recover!

Shout out to your wardrobe person...

What are those “things” sprouting from Steven King’s head?

Each one is a recorder, for the right side info, and the left side info going “on” in his double minded brain!! Yokes!

At our age how do your remember what the songs are?

Ok guys, our next song is, uh no wait Dave do you know where we are?

I just could not understand why they were assembling in Maine in January to rehearse for a gig in Minneapolis in May.

24 hours later the light bulb finally went on when I remembered that King spends the winter in Sarasota.

Florida, Men!

Where's the accordion player?

I got excited seeing Stephen King's hat, thinking, "I go to O'Reilly's for my auto parts too!" Looking closer, I don't think it says O'Reilly's. Shoot.

Do you guys do weddings? Birthdays? Bar mitzvas? Funerals?

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