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January 10, 2019


More than 100 praying mantises brought in by Christmas tree invade woman's home

(Thanks to many people)

True Fact: This blog knows the woman referred to in this headline, Molly Kreuze, who happens to be the daughter of this blog's friend and former editor, Gene Weingarten. Gene informs this blog he will be writing a column about this incident.


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She plans to "re-gift" them?

How about to the White House? Just sayin'.

After a couple of weeks have gone by my wife notifies me where the spider has been 'hanging out'. Only after a second spider showed up and the two of them were 'hanging out' out did she think I maybe should have a look and consider what should be done about the situation. So, I completely understand Gene's daughter's situation. Leave the Christmas ornaments up till July, who would notice and be 'bothered' by it.

I know if this happened to us, my wife would have one simple solution: move.

I heard the best way to get praying mantises out of your house at Christmastime is to tell them where midnight mass is.

A few house geckos would solve that problem. Ask anyone in Hawaii.

Talk about the ultimate White Elephant gift!

I love it when I find a praying mantis in my garden. Outside.

Last year, I had an adult mantis climb out from under my car hood and onto the windshield as I was leaving my subdivision. He managed to stay on until I got up to 40 mph. It made for a pretty cool picture, taken from the inside.

Good for Molly taking pains to google a plan of action and not killing them. I look forward to Gene's column on this.

If Molly were a guy, Dave's headline would be "Guys in Action" with a link to a story about how the house burned down after a flamethrower was introduced.

On the hundredth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 100 praying mantises, 99 guys from Orkin, etc....

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