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January 15, 2019


One in three women told condom was 'too small' to use, research finds

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Okay, it expands, but who keeps an air compressor beside the bed?! (unless you're Quacky the Clown - in which case, those are not technically "balloon animals")

If the glove doesn't fit, etc.

Shrinkage? Use a NEW, sealed condom, son, not the (spent) one.

"The condom, when inflated, would be roughly the size of an Alsatian."

And your point being...?

" Researchers sought to dispel this fallacy by testing condoms with an air compressor..."

Even more proof that scientists are perverts.

The follow-up question would be how many believed it?

A friend of mine's daughter went to a scholl that was run by nuns.
They had a sex-ed class where the nun took a condom, pulled it over her fist & down her forearm and remarked 'Ladies, if it dosen't fit, it's a weapon, not tool'

There is an old Chinese saying; "Man who refuse to use condom soon called daddy."

I think we should ask science to show how many breeds apart from the Alsatian will fit in an average condom. Either singly or as a group. Not sure what that does for humanity, but I'm sure we've funded odder things through NIH grants.

Maybe they should ship all the tiny condoms to the funnel spiders in OZ, seeing as they are in need of them...

Snork at Confucius posting in the name of Le Petomane.

This makes it harder (har!) to believe those of us for whom the average condom *IS* too small!

"I'm allergic o latex and I could die!"

Porno flick idea: "John Holmes and the Three Condoms"

I thought the old story was that we sent XXX condoms to Russia marked "U.S. Small"

Allan's comment reminded me of an old joke.

A man strikes up a conversation with a sexy woman in a bar. After a few drinks they start talking about getting a room.

"Before we go any farther," The woman said, "I have my standards. I will never sleep with any man who doesn't have 8 inches to offer."
The man shrugs his shoulders and said, "Ma'am your pretty and all that but this conversation is over. I'm not having four inches cut off my tool to please any woman."

and how did the condom react after being told?

A spokesperson for the company said: “The condom, when inflated, would be approximately the same size as an Alsatian.”

If you're inflating your condom, you're doing it wrong.
It's not designed to make "balloon animals".

An Alsatian what?

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