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January 08, 2019


Disgruntled Florida substitute teacher and mom spreads human feces across site of young girl's birthday party to settle a score with the principal

(Thanks to Mac Turl, pharmaross and Kevin Smith)


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Sorry, but not funny. This is sick.

Don't mess with it...uh, them.

What Jeff said.

She's a Sh@t-head. Hope they make her clean it all up, and scrub toilets in jail.

Hate to think what she put in the pinata...

Yes; totally gross and sad at the same time. What a lovely example this woman set for her child.

Never mix crack with meth.

Overheard from the next picnic group to use the park:

"Who made the crappy hamburgers?"

Mrs. NMUA is a substitute teacher. When I pointed out that forces captured an ISIS person who had previously been a substitute teacher, her reply was "The kids drove him to it."

If she's single, she might want to look for this fellow educator...


Similar interests and all that.

She takes the expression "Party Pooper" to a whole other level!

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