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January 21, 2019


Eels in the Thames left hyperactive after Londoners on cocaine urinate into waste water

(Thanks to Roberto)

Now, more than ever, Britain needs Prime Minister Batman.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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They need an equal number of people taking downers.

Eels in the Thames was The Police' little-known follow up album to Ghost in the Machine.

And I'll take Julie Newmar's Catwoman as First Lady (or whatever it's called over there) any day.

Hyperactive Eels WBAGNFARB

Drug use and public urination are the examples of the social eels.

Well, eel be darned. Qaz, are you saying they are social morays?

@ MOTW and Qaz--Your theory about introducing opiates in the ocean exacerbating the normally aggressive social mores of morays is most interesting. It is confusing enough to require an expensive government study to postulate the potential repercussions of this moray malady.

Personally, I feel an early happy hour may be in order.

Coke Thames water. Curiously refreshing. Wakes you up, Gets you going. I'm picking up the London Spring Water concession.

I suggest we send Alfred in a BatSuit, and he can fill in for Ms. May.

The wired eels slithered over to the local National Health clinic, where they were all placed on a five-year waiting list for substance abuse treatment.

Tragic, but as Hamlet said, we choose to " bear those eels we have ".

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