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January 11, 2019


Mystery of woman’s groin revealed in St. Lucie County

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Dave should have copyrighted "would be a good name for a rock band"

"... she agreed to a body cavity search, which is a search of body cavities and a promising name for a heavy metal band."

I've always thought it was a little unfair that the female anatomy provided more hiding places for contraband than that of the male gender. That, plus the fact that even though we have THAT other part, the women of the female persuasion basically control that, too IYKWIMAITYD.

"Mystery of the Woman's Groin" was a lost Hercule Poirot story.

Damn, wanderer, get out of my brain! I swear I was just about to make that Agatha Christie reference.

Good one.

Frankly, I've always found women's groins to be somewhat unfathomable.

Mon dieu!, Jeff. Usually you're ahead of me.

"Oh sweet mystery of Life, at last I found you!"

The BBC Sherlock specials are getting cheesier and more violent.

" Look Mom. No cavities ! "

Eyegor beat me to it.

Mystery of Woman's Groan?

Wasn't Mystery of Woman’s Groin a followup to The Vagina Monologues?

Mystery of Woman’s Groin played backup for Crack In The World.

Excellent journalism example

“where investigators said she agreed to a body cavity search, which is a search of body cavities”

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