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January 28, 2019


New 'cage trousers' are baffling shoppers - and they don't look very comfortable

(Thanks to funny man and Bob Brogan)


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Well, on the positive side, they're probably good for when those hot flushes hit.

That's hot flashes, Jeff.

This is taking fishnet to the extreme.

It's good that they're black, as they absorb more heat that way.

In the old days any woman wearing these in public would have a couple of guys dressed in white uniforms chasing her with a really big net.

Tried a pair of these, but I kept losing my wallet, phone, keys, and dignity.


In my day, "Women in Cages" was considered exploitative and maybe porn.

Now it's a fashion statement? The emperor has cages?

I really want to put googly eyes on the picture of her butt.

Her grown out roots kind of take away from what's left of her pants.

I'm not going to buy any till they come out with some steel wired suspenders. I'm also afraid they might not cover my gut very well.

Guys, if she asks "do these pants make my butt look big?," we're doomed.

Odd that I feel compelled to revisit this, but at any rate, at least they're not calling them cargo cage pants, even though there does seem to be some cargo on board.

Gotta say I approve of the rear view...

Yeah I weren't baffled none. My eyeballs popped out and steam come out my ears and I sounded like Shemp Howard for a minute there, but not baffled.


"Trousers" is not the word I would use to describe those. Possibly a climbing net at ChuckECheese.

Dave, I dare you to wear a pair of these and walk the runway at Fashion Week (but be sure to take your Vitamin C first)!

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