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January 10, 2019


Astronomers intercept mysterious repeating radio signals from space

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias, who says they're saying "Turn... Down... The... Music...")


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"Copa... ca... bana..."

I just hope it's not, "Get off of my lawn!"

A scientist friend here in Roswell, New Mexico says what has been translated so far is a single, repeating "My Pillow" commercial.

If it was from Pleiadians, who are supposed to be our friends, it might have been "Dump Trump.."

And if it was from Thule, the legendary planet of the Nazi's....it might have been "Trump Forever"

Major Snork at NMUA (turn down the music)!!

" Stop broadcasting Love Boat... Stop broadcasting Love Boat... "

"Send More Chuck Berry"

Maybe: We don't know where the beef is. Please stop asking.

The signals have been decoded from a stone age galaxy, far, far away:


Somewhere in the basement of the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory in Canada, a rogue astronomer is playing tricks on the rest of them.

"Send more Voyager probes... they're delicious!"

"Please send us information on Uranus."
(HAHAHA....I'm dying!!!...HAHAHAHHAA!)

"How big is Uranus?"

"Send pictures of Uranus."

More... Shatner...

Live .. long .. and .. prosper

Scientists, using the top crypto-deciphering a.i. algorithms and protocols, have determined it was a message from ...
well, let me just share the tentative translation..

SOS...I am the son of a Niberu-ian king, but they murdered my father. I am in-line to inherit the throne, but recently my stoopid cousin is stepping forward to claim the throne also, under the Ferengi rules of Aquisition. So I need money to hire ministers to defend my legitimate claim.
Can you send me gold, diamonds, silver, tholium, or dilithium crystals? I will be able to repay you many times over once I ascend the throne...

"Klaatu Barada Nikto."

Is it a generational thing that my kids would often tell me to "turn down the music"?

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