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January 08, 2019


A man from Habane Township left tongues wagging after a fruitless plea with the police to take the snake which was dangling from his neck.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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B-Metro gathered that his troubles started after he failed to feed the snake.

This is how it starts.
Expect a visit from PETA.

I thought it made a nice fashion statement...calling all fashionistas: LIVE accessories are a "thing" this winter and spring!

"Is that a snake around your neck or are you just glad to see me ?"

The article failed to mention that all of the officers were standing on their desks with their guns cocked and ready. At least that's how I would have handled this situation.

Can he mail it to the Everglades where it can play with new friends and have fun all day?

He couldn't figure out how to tie a Windsor knot because it kept on wiggling.

Officer: "Sir, when you buy snakeskin apparel that is clearly labeled 'some assembly required' and it's defective, that is a civil matter."

How is it that Matabeleland is not in Australia?

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