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January 18, 2019


The Remainders are coming.


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Just to clarify. Sounds like fun

I wish it was closer and some place warmer.

"The Rock Bottom Remainders is a fluid band."

Your own interpretation is welcome.

I've seen them sin-, er perform a couple of times, and a very good time was had by all.

(All Blogophyles now scream together like teenyboppers:) "The REMAINDERS!!! Oh, and that DAVE is just so DISHY!!!"

Do the Remainers even know how to rollick?

One more thing. "FREE BIRD"!!!!

RBR may be starting to challenge the Rolling Stones for most number of walkers on stage.

wanderer, for a second there I thought you said "wankers on stage."

May is warm here... usually... if it doesn't snow.

Roswell, New Mexico is warmer. However the Remainders next gig could wind up being played for the Floating Grebolds of The Crab Nebula.

After consideration, Minneapolis is a safer choice.

(Actually, I would LOVE to attend.)

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