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January 22, 2019


Flight attendant says overweight passenger forced her to wipe his butt

(Thanks to funny man)


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The little things you miss flying economy.

We don't pay flight attendants enough.

Define "forced," if you would.

As the late Nancy Reagan said, "Just say no."


It is all flight attendants sacred doody.

The man kept claiming he was a feces donor and he was on an important mission to Washington.

I always try to be as polite and nice to flight attendants as possible. Especially when they are short with me. I figure they have dealt with enough jerks (and the guy in this article). I know they are there for our safety in case it turns into a really bad day.

^5 655321 .. good policy to live by.

Looks like Santa was not in a holly jolly mood...

I would have been more than happy to do this for him. Right after I threw him out of one of the exit doors.

As the secretary said in the original _Ghostbusters_ movie, "I've quit better jobs than this!"

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