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January 30, 2019


Kim Jong-un demands every citizen hand over huge piles of human poo as North Korea faces fertilizer crisis

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Incredibull. Not sure I can grasp that article, but it doesn't sound funny.

It sounds like Leader Kim would be an easy person to shop for during the holidays.

I'm with MOTW. This article stinks.

As was once said of Montezuma, "He had the courage of his convictions, but he had no convictions." - Will Cuppy

"...the pariah state's starving population is expected to hand over an unbelievable 100kg of human excrement EVERY DAY."

Um...that's 220lbs a day. I don't think so. As the excrement head in Washington might say, FAKE NEWS.

Would you accept an I.O.Poo?

I guess in North Korea you're forced to give a crap.

In France, all they have to do is fart in your general direction.

Poo will be "on the table" in the next round of talks between Kim and Trump. (Be sure to remind them to call on staff to clean and disinfect the table afterwards.)

So North Korea's food is natural, organic, and non-GMO. What's the problem?

The parasite problem will be the next news item

Some workers in N.K. are asking to be paid in poo? Hell, that's been happening to me for years!

Centrally planned economies certainly deliver. Communism may have its faults, but it cures obesity.

Can you imagine adding this line in the Five Year Plan?

Comrade One: By year Four the population will be so fat from gorging themselves on the bounty of The People’s Harvest that they will be able to meet the fertilizer quota “organically “.

Comrade Two: Most equal observation Comrade One. Speaking of fertilizer quota......

They chose an appropriate photo for this story. You couldn't show more disparity between the dear leader and his one of his poor subjects.

Don't you have to have something to eat first ?

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