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January 17, 2019


A beer drinker was surprisingly nonplussed after a massive spider made its way onto their glass and then across their hand.

(Thanks to Mac Turl)


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Where do I turn in my Man Card?

Somebody needs to tell the writer that “nonplussed” means “confused.” I didn’t see anyone who was “decidedly nonplussed.”

Excuse me. “Surprisingly nonplussed.” Got nonplussed for a moment.

John, according to dictionary.com, nonplussed can also mean calm, composed, placid, unruffled, unconcerned.
So this woman was surprisingly calm/composed.

Snork! @ Burt

If that spider was on my hand and I were in Australia, I would not have been nonplussed. I would have been screamingly plussed.

So is anyone ever merely plussed?


Apparently, the word "nonplussed" has mutated in meaning approximately 180 degrees. This is perhaps the only blog anywhere discussing this urgent grammatical update.


I was once in Arizona.

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