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January 09, 2019


A man has admitted to setting fire to a speed-camera using a fuel-soaked sock

Name We Are Not Making Fun Of: Russell Weribone

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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He looks reasonable.

Don't give Chicago drivers any ideas. The traffic camera corruption there is unreal.

Naperville (IL) has the red light and speedcam distinction of having tickets allowed that were certified by a police officer who had died.

Insert your "end of the month quota" joke here.

♪ "Ninety days, Jerry...When you're hot, you're hot..." ♪

(geezer reference)

"Your Honor, this is just a misunderstanding. That speed camera was on fire when I got there. All I had to put the fire out with was an old sock I use to wipe up spilled oil and stuff."

Is a "were-i-bone" something that only gets hard under a full moon?

Fuel-Soaked Socks opened for Men at Work.

They referred to his actions as "bizarre" twice. What's bizarre about trying to destroy a minister of Satan? When my son got his second ticket from a robot on his block I suggested that he go stand in the middle of the intersection, mooning the camera, while his brother ran the red light with a sock covering his license plate. I don't think they did this, though.

On a more serious note, France has had a high percentage of the cameras destroyed in their current unrest.

I like the mooning idea. A red light camera by us has caught one of our kids twice, one once, and the third is waiting for his turn.

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