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January 27, 2019


CDC issues warning: Do not 'kiss or snuggle' hedgehogs

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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"Armadillos make affectionate pets, if you need affection that much." - Will Cuppy

I suppose the sentiment is true for hedgehogs too.

People will bristle at this
And wait until Sega hears about this

Bur spooning's okay, right?

How many more than 10 people can there be coming into contact with hedgehogs?

Q: How do hedgehogs reproduce?
A: Very carefully

Generally good advice.

Don't try to snuggle porcupines, either.

I believe B. Kliban published a work on this subject, or one very close. For anyone not in the advanced section of the Geezer Bus, look up "Whack Your Porcupine" on Amazon.

Some more good advice:
You don't tug on superman's cape
You don't spit into the wind
You don't pull the mask off that old lone ranger
And you don't mess around with Jim Dave.

Can someone help me to the Geezer bus?

Geeze--Hedgehogs cause salmonella, armadillos carry leprosy and porcupines are pricks as pets.

Personally, I'll stick with my cat.

I get the point.

@Nursecindy - Don't eat yellow snow - advice from Canada.

Extra point test question: Hedgehogs are neither hedges nor hogs. Discuss.

There's a reason to like hedgehogs...

Cheesewiz: The answer is thousands of people try keep African Pygmy Hedgehogs as pets, often without realizing the specialized care they need.

Hedgehog Snugglers“ WBAGNFARB.

Makes my pop up Valentines Day card seem too safe

This also applies to politicians.

Thanks for the advice. I will try hard to resist.

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