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January 27, 2019


Why was this man's luggage stuffed with 5,000 leeches?

(Thanks to Ron G. and Michael Parry)


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I see that Blue Man Group is now working for TSA. What could possibly go wrong?

Vouldn't you like to know?

Shaddup Natasha. Dom't tell them that Mr. Big wanted us to get rid of moose and squirrel...oops!

Somebody please pass me the vanilla extract.

So much for socialized medicine in Canada.

I saw The Leech Smugglers open for Gordon Lightfoot, eh?

The proper response is, "Yours isn't?"

Because 5001 would be too many?

The cops nailed one of Dracula's mules.

He had attorneys in his luggage?

Having become "acquainted" with a leech when bathing in a northern lake some years ago, I think a garbage disposal would be a good home for them.

I can understand the problem of the Canada Border Services Agency. Leech biologists are far less abundant than the threatened leech species. There is little grant money for leech research; the topic doesn't market well.

I work with loons in NH, another threatened species here, that sometimes eats leeches in high-altitude fishless lakes. Loon biologists know damn little about leeches, so we had to ask leech biologists — not easy to find.

And no, we don't want want the rest of the leeches. I am familiar with CITES paperwork. Bait fish are readily available with far less hassle if we need them.

5,000 Leeches opened for 10,000 Maniacs at Woodstock 2.

That sucks.

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