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January 25, 2019


Drunk man throws two cellos and a viola off a train

(Thanks to Bill Carver, who says "He was looking for an accordion.")


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Save the bagpipes!

In Texas, playing an accordion or bagpipes on a train is a hanging offense.

Throw Yo-Yo Mama From the Train

They refused to have sax with him.

He sure didn't fiddle around with his decision.

Paging John Belushi...

I'm guessing he was more of a "Nirvana" fan. Why didn't he just blow them up like they do in Montana ?

Paging Giovanni Jones (at the 00:50 and 01:35 marks)...

I played the viola in junior high (known as "middle school" to anyone unqualified to ride the Geezer Bus.) The viola is the often-ignored stepchild in the average Philharmonic orchestra.

When asked why he had decided to threaten the 25 other passengers and crew with a knife, he simply replied: “Because I can.”

Was he related to Mitch McConnell, who also said "Because I can"?

They ought to string this guy up.

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