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December 07, 2018


Doorbell-ringing moose wakes Alaska couple

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I think it was selling a lawn fertilization service as I read that it butt-rang the doorbell.

My friend saw Doorbell-Ringing Moose open for Modest Mouse.

Doorbells ring - are ya listenin'?
In the lane, moose is visitin'
The bell goes ding dong
He smells really strong
Walkin' in Alaska wonderland

I bet it was selling Earth Quake Insurance.

Bravo, MOTW!


Can Rocky come out to play?

A Møøse once rang my doorbell. No realli!

Great job MOTW! If you listen very closely you can hear the sounds of squirrels giggling in the background.

"Hello! Have you heard the good news about our Lord and Savior, Rocket J. Squirrel?"

And the so-called United Nations does nothing! Oh, wait. The UN determined that the moose in question had a valid Florida's driver's license. Or something.

If I'd seen a moose's heinie on my doorbell camera, I would've thought, "Wait--isn't the midterm election canvassing over?"

^5, MOTW!

Alternate sales speech: Hi, I Winkerdale, Bullwinkle's cousin! I'm selling magazines to win a vacation to Frostbite Falls. How many can I put you down for?

Jahovah's Mooses

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