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December 26, 2018


Hey, don't shoot the messenger.


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I have to agree with Dave (and my wife), that this year even the funny stuff isn't really funny. And NO, it is definitely not Dave's fault.

I loved it! Here's hoping that 2019 is a better year for all of us.

It can only get better from here (fingers and toes crossed)...

Thank you Dave for a fun, funny review of a lackluster year.
Many snorts and high fives! And in return, many blessings!

If North Korea sets up the Chipolte restaurants, will the delivery system still have food recalls?

In a related note, over the holidays I received a report from my in-laws in the Philly area, indicating the Eagles' recent wins have given them renewed hope at defending their Super Bowl title, and in preparation, members of their fan base are "carb-loading" with extra cheese steak hoagies. Cardio paddles are standing by.

A masterpiece, as always. There are two sentences in particular that eloquently sum up all of modern society in general (I am hesitant to quote them here as spoilers for anyone who reads the comments first). Thank you for a well-done piece!

Here's to hope the New Year brings a useful Youtube/Twitter/Facebook/Dr. Pimple Popper video demonstrating how to actually open one of those packs of Tide Pods.

Always a fun read. Thanks Dave.

Being old I manage to miss a lot of things but I AM SO GLAD I NEVER SAW OR EVEN HEARD OF DR. PIMPLE POPPER.

Why, despite all our past disappointments, do we believe things really can improve? Because we are morons, apparently.

Or Detroit Lions fans.

Well I blame Dave. Someone has to be accountable -who better? I’m sure he coreographed the whole year just so he could write that column.

Kind of fitting that the post above is SPAM.

Thanks as always, Dave!

As Einstein said it's relative. To me 2018 was a much better year than 1918 which featured the world's largest pandemic of flu in history which killed up to 200 million people, one of whom was one of my grandfathers. There are actual scientific studies that concluded that the worst year ever was 536 AD.
Volcanos, no sun, no crops, no cable, no internet, no football, no My Pillow, no Dave Barry. 2018? I'll take it. Happy 2019.


We're gonna need more rum...

Even Dave can't make this year funny.

I remember when "I'm not making this up" was used sparingly for the really unbelievable but true stuff. Now it applies to everything ever day.

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