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December 24, 2018


Questionable bushes hard to ignore

This has been The News From Canada.

(Thanks to funny man)


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Since it's in Canada, I suppose the blue ball lighting was the most appropriate choice.

If your shrubbery stays erect for more than four hours you should call your arborist.

Some folks just have dirty minds.

I saw Questionable Bushes open for the Guess Who.

@Jeff - I think they did a cover of “American Woman.” That’s what got them so excited.

Idiots. It's 'Boughs of Holly'

Whatever you do, don't call the Mounties.

Some trees just like to show off.

Is a questionable bush like a toupee for a woman's, er, you know...

I believe in some parts, Horney Pines are considered an endangered species.

Questionable Bushes opened for Neon Trees, on their "Out on a Limb" tour.

While their music stayed true to their roots,they really needed to prune back their set list quit a bit.

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