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December 06, 2018


Bus driver can lick his own forehead with his TONGUE in unusual trick

This has been The News From Asia.

(Thanks to funny man)


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I thought that was a qualification for the job.

If anyone's stumped on what to buy me for Christmas, I'd love tickets to his world tour.

The Cane toads of Australia are eagerly awaiting his visit.

Reminds me of a man from Nantucket...

Curious as to why the headline writer felt the need to add "With His TONGUE." Is there another way to lick?

TONGUE Fu, and where to lick...next on Discovery...

If He should ever get into an argument with Jason Dee Maughn two nails would be applied.

Even if he can why would he want to?

Emmett - Saves $$ on napkins...

Lades--I bet he's single.

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