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December 22, 2018


A man in Turlock stole a car, attempted to flee from officers at a speed of over 110 mph, crashed, and hid in a cattle pen covered in cow excrement before surrendering after getting too cold, police say.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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I was taught in All Weather Gym Class, an elective Senior year, "if you hide in a cattle pen and find yourself covered in cow excrement before surrendering due to being too cold after a high speed police chase...giving up would be one option."

manual tomato, I was taught by a cop that if you get yourself covered in cow excrement or any other smelly stuff, there's a good chance you're going to get hosed off before they let you in their car so it may be a good idea to give up before this happens.

We jogging miles and playing soccer in sub-zero weather wearing shorts and a T-shirt. I jogged five miles every night, ran twenty 100 yard sprints, once ran a mile $:48 and did the fifty yard in 5.7 weighing 215 Lbs. No cop could have caught me even if I had been covered in smelly stuff. I had a lot of girlfriends who would not have minded if I smelled like dung. If I had lived in Canada I would have dated Pam Anderson. On Dave's blog you can be anything you want.

Mile in 4:48. Don't attempt this in sub-zero weather wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

And he fell in a big pile of...shaaaaving creeeeam, be nice and clean, shave every day and you'll always look keen.

We all know what a ding a ling is, as well as a ding-dong.

But here we have the ding-dung!

NC,how long ago was it the cop taught you this?

Were you anywhere close to here when you were advised?

A Kia can go over 110 MPH? Wow!

The perp needed to hide in fresher excrement...

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