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December 06, 2018


Check your rope.

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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"I love my alligators more than most people love their own children."

I'm guessing the feeling is not mutual.


Notably the video doesn't show what happened next...

And he's calling himself 'The Gator Crusader'.

Michael Womer ==>
Memorial Chew

This activity definitely has its pitfalls.

It's a lot like matrimony.

I just checked my bucket list and not surprisingly this isn't on it anywhere.
At least alligators don't borrow your car and bring it back empty or ask for money all the time. I bet none of them have ever told him they'd just die if they couldn't get something pierced either. These alligators are looking better and better.

* making mental note to NOT ask nursecindy "So, how are the kids?" *

I was totally satisfied with the News from Asia depicting the idiot of thee day.

He scared the poor li'l alligators! Jerk.

Now nicknamed Indiana Bones.

A/K/A "Hold my six-pack AND crack pipe and watch this!"

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