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December 21, 2018


A big space crash likely made Uranus lopsided

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko and Ralph)


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In my case, I think it was more like a big crash diet...

It has rings like Saturn, albeit faint ones. AKA "Dingle-berries"

Hey, my moons are up here!--what Uranus said...

Uranus has a crash hole...?

So was it an asteroid that hit it.
And is the resulting damage called a hemorrhoid?

Yeah, so says you Mr. Pronunciation King. You say U-ruh-nus, we sat You're-ay-nus. In the end, all of us 9 year olds are having a lot more fun than your lopsided butt.

I don't make fun of Uranus, so you shouldn't make fun of mine. And it isn't lopsided, that's just how I walk.

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