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December 05, 2018


Man has Bluetooth COMPASS implanted in his chest - and claims he's created a 'new human sense'

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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But He stills suffers to find his way to San Jose.

Well, we KNOW it did not increase his Common Sense....

and that crack about blind people navigating? They already

do! Maybe he meant Norse Sense?

He's created a man who never needs to ask for directions because the directions are built in. Will this be on this year's Gift Guide, Dave?

**asking for a friend

Even so, I still bet he gets drunk and pees on his shoes.

"You walk on the street staring at your phone.
You want to get somewhere but you have no idea what's happened in the world around you because all you did was stare at the screen on the way."

He doesn't drive at all, does he?

Because compass directions are so useful in civilized environments?

Now all he needs a Bluetooth receiver implanted to his brain so he can tell what the compass is saying.

That new sense would be nonsense.

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