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December 28, 2018


What Did We Get Stuck In Our Rectums Last Year?

(Thanks to Stan Ruth)


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Plastic toy bananas seem to be a popular item this year. Also, what kind of idiot puts an electrified object in their penis?

If you have to ask, You don't wanna know....

A very interesting 2018 retrospect... or Rear in Review.

At least no animals used or harmed in 2018, as far as we know.

Actually nursecindy, the question is, "Who puts an electrified object on their penis?" and the answer is:


Just what exactly is a "significant amount of string?"

My farm-wife grandma saved bits of string, but she kept hers in a kitchen drawer...not IN her drawers.

Okay, I'll say it:

Damn near killed 'em.

#WDWGSIORLR? is trending on Twitter.

SD card? That's for your lapTOP...

broke off while he was doing crafts -- No, I don't want to see that on Pinterest, thanks.

Who in their right mind would put "6 or 7" BBs in his penis?

Exactly, Jeff! The instructions clearly state to not load more than 5 at a time
(at least, for the Red Rider model).

My mother's fist.

Jeff, he wanted a pee-shooter. Also you would think he'd have a more accurate count.

I had the most god awful thought looking back at what may have got stuck in our rectum last year.

I couldn't help but remember an old hospital joke:

"What did the nurse say when she found a rectal thermometer in her pocket?
Some asshole has my pen."

Le Petomane, we all make that mistake at least once in our career.

Electrified rod? Did he charge that order?

What do you mean "we"?
I definitely did not experience any of them.

Le Petomane, that reminds me of another joke.

Q: What's the difference between oral and rectal thermometers?

A: The taste.

I don't know which is stranger - the list or a person that would keep such a list!

Le Petomane, that reminds me of (yet) another joke.
(to woman)
How do you know you've having a bad day?
You can't find your pencil and you have a tampon behind your ear.

Sorry I forgot to warn that it's not PC.

Seems like a good plot line for a new TV show:

Three and a Half Rectums
The Big Rectum Theory
America's Funniest Home Rectum Videos

I know. A hockey puck.

Dammit, where are my keys?

Congressional heads...again. Old crop and new crop.

Despite what many thing, the rectum is not bigger inside than it looks on the outside, You may be confusing it with a Tardis.....

It was an accident. In the shower I fell and landed on that hamster.

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