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December 20, 2018


Check out the last one.


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Cool! Dave wrote a book! And just in time for the holiday gift guide!

No time to read...Waiting for the movie. Or the audio book. Or the audio movie. Oh, all right. I'll get the book. Are there at least a few pictures?!

I've read three - Dave's of course, plus the Longmire stories and the big book of Christmas stories.

I have noticed a distinct lack of the Holiday Gift Guide and I suspect that Dave's priorities have been placed exactly where they out to be. >smile<

We read it to our kids aloud on Christmas Eve right after it came out and we all loved it.

I've read this book and recommend it highly. It makes a great Christmas present too.
Here's a Christmas tip: If you give any of these books as gifts make sure they aren't library books. People hate taking their books back to the library after Christmas is over. I learned this the hard way.

nursecindy--Books always make great Christmas gifts. My tip: if you use a library card from someone who doesn't know you, they'll never have to return the gift books when Christmas is over---trust me on this.

Books have many wonderful uses. If only someone had thrown a book at that Bush press conference, instead of a shoe, the president could have expanded his world beyond goats.


" I am a big Dave Barry fan "

Small Dave Barry fans might like the book too.

"I am a big Dave Barry fan, and I’m telling you that this is one of his finest books."

That last book must be science fiction. In it, Walter has transformed into a dog.

David H: Walter is also a talented actor.

Jeff Meyerson, I've read the same three books. "The Shepherd, the Angel, and Walter the Christmas Miracle Dog" is wonderful. You can pick it up at good bookstores everywhere. (You'll have to put it back down unless you pay for it.)

Dave should issue a collection of his Christmas essays. They were about rating parties,Christmas when he was a boy, Christmas in Miami, the Wise Guys, "'Twas the Night Before the Morning After," wrapping, shopping, buying a tree with no needles from the parking lot of an establishment that featured women with no clothes, pinatas, poinsettias, and probably many more that have slipped what's left of my mind. If Dave runs out of Christmas columns, he can always include the two about the Thanksgiving turkey snake.

I forgot to mention that when "Shepherd, etc." came out, I went through the bookstore's Humor section several times to no avail. I asked a clerk for assistance and he pointed out that the book was shelved under Literature. Literature! Dave's book was next to "Madame Bovary" -- which had been misfiled.

David H, I suffered the same bout of momentary confusion as you. I'm guessing that Dave named the pooch "Walter" in homage to the real Walter...but, we'll need to read the book in order to find out!

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