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December 07, 2018


Mortified mother, 46, sends her five-year-old son to his school nativity with a £16.99 'shepherd' costume from Amazon - only to discover it came with a blow-up SEX DOLL sheep

(Thanks to Mac Turl)


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The facts of life, uk style?

Just be glad you didn't order the inflatable donkey.

Could have been worse--at least the valve to blow it up was located appropriately...

Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.

Best that he learns the truth now before he hears it from little Johnny on the playground.


O'er the ram parts....

That's a really baaaaaaaad story. Get it ?

She had a baby at age 41? No wonder she's mortified.

(Note that, in keeping with the Blog's strict policy, I am not making fun of her name.)

He was sheepish as he got lambasted.

Every "fact" in this story screams "fake news" to me.

I saw the Stag Night Bonkin' Sheep open for Elton John...everybody got arrested for inflatable bestiality (who also opened for the Cars).

Just a sheep shot at a story.

"It's where the toilet paper goes"?

What a Charmin story....

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