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December 22, 2018


In total 18 males were in the ute and the driver returned an evidentiary breath test of 0.071.

Media Officer Whose Name We Are Not Making Fun Of, As Doing So Would Violate This Blog's Strict Policy: Belinda Batty

(Thanks to Fabian Marson, who says "The article does not say where they were headed, but readers of this blog will know.")


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We had twenty in a '61 Chevy convertible driving on Black Ice home from the Roller Rink.

Story of interest. I once introduced a batty lady friend to my dad as, "Dad, this is Rocky Pig (Roxanne Pigg}. My dad promptly replied, "Hi, I've met a lot of Pigs in my life."

I have another story of interest I will not mention due to the Blog's Strict Policy.

In total 18 males were in the ute .. the definition of a yute according to
My Cousin Vinny.

An F-350 is a truck. Is a ute something like a lorry?

The original Aussie clown show.

Must've been one of them ute gangs we keep hearing about...

Maybe an Ute is a frat party on wheels. Not a good idea.

Oh, I see. Officer Batty was using her accent to describe a Utility Vehicle. Still not a good idea.

If you act stupid in the ute
Police gonna kick you in the boot.

Belinda was always my favorite Go-Go.

Belinda should change her name. Patty Batty would be my first choice.

I saw 18 Males in the Ute open for Three Dog Night.

I'd have guessed that Belinda Batty was a little-known character in the Harry Potter series.

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